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  1. . Male, Female or Multiple?
  2. . Number of Characters
  3. . Clean Art or Adult?
  4. . Species'
  5. . Select Quality
  6. . Background Image (optional)
  7. . Please provide a few links to the most current character/s.
  8. . If Background is Needed please provide some Examples OR the custom Background to be Applied to the art.
  9. . Please provide a brief description of pose, poses and or props.
  10. . Captioning, thought bubbles, characters speaking, Picture in Picture?
  11. . Method of Preferred Payment? (I can only accept methods of payment listed)
  12. . Please provide some BRIEF Biography of your character, example: Personality, brief history, brief part of an RP you did. (This is to provide artist with a firm grasp of the type of look and method/style of drawing the character more accurately.)